CRE International - Construction & Consulting

Uroš Nešović

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Experienced multi-skilled HVAC engineer. Handling all mechanical related jobs (HVAC, Sprinkler) on the projects. Leader of Mechanical Department. Acting also as CAD coordinator. In CRE International from beginning as a partner.


M.Sc. - Belgrade University, Mechanical Faculty – HVAC Department, Serbia.

Member of Serbian Chamber of Engineers.

Professional experience

Uros joined CRE International from founding phase and helped to establish outstanding professional engineering team.

He is chief mechanical engineer with responsibility for the delivery of the best service in all mechanical related matters to our clients, including the quality and relevance of our services and the capability & attitude.

Uros has extensive experience in HVAC and sprinkler services delivery of major projects, programmes and business ventures and has specialist skills in supply chain and change management - working within companies such as: Beogradske Elektrane, Skanska International, City Real Estate, Immobilia, MPC Properties, Balkans Real Estate.

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