CRE International provides its Clients with the most effective control, performance and the successful finalization of projects. CRE International’s professional expertise covers various disciplines:

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies are preliminary investigations of potential benefits associated with undertaking a specific activity or project.

The main purpose is to analyse business case i.e. strategic reasons for initiating the project and all factors related to its development.

Due diligence studies

Due diligence is an investigation / audit of future development or an existing property.

Purpose of these studies is to determine all the material facts about the existing property or a project development.

Conceptual & Detail Design

Our team possess all kinds of licences required for design phase, and is ready to follow the project from initial sketches to complete technical documentation necessary for building permit and construction phase.

Our design approach is interdisciplinary and integrated, in accordance with modern tendencies in planning and designing buildings.


CRE International is fully qualified to take the role of General Contractor on the project and to work in accordance with the highest international standards.

Quantity Surveying (QS)

QS is an integral part of project management that ensures better control over design and budget.

It enables managing all costs related to building projects, from the initial calculations to the final figures, also seeking to minimize the costs of a project and enhance its value for money, while still meeting the required standards and achieving the desired quality.

Pre-Construction Management

Defining pre-construction process. Monitoring and/or participating in procurement, tendering process and contracting procedures.

Project & Construction Management (PM)

Comprehensive set of our PMP certified project manager’s skills which include ability to create realistic PM plan and performance measurement baseline with all PM plans included (Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Risk Mgmt. Plans, Process Improvement Plans etc.) and lead all the PM process groups (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Controlling & Closing).

Cost Management

Estimation of resource requirements and overall cost with an emphasis on Risk management, determination of contingency and reserve funding. Determination of Cost Baseline and Cost Budget that enables optimizing design and managing construction phases according to approved budget.

Energy Efficiency – Issuance of Energy Passports

Our engineers are licensed for energy efficiency studies. CRE International is authorized for issuance of energy passports – certificates of building’s energy performance.

The energy passport is a document that contains calculated values of energy consumption within a certain building category, energy rating and recommendation for improving energy performance of the building. It is an integral part of technical documentation to be submitted in order to obtain Usage permit.

Project Monitoring for Banks

Monitoring the construction phase of the project development and reporting to the Bank as a part of project financing.

Design Supervision & Coordination

Supervision over design, technical control and coordination of design teams/phases according to relevant regulation and Client’s requirements.

Construction Supervision

Supervising construction work on site through all its phases. Construction Supervision is required by law and is necessary to ensure that the work is executed in accordance with the approved design, specifications, standards and regulations, including quality and quantity control and health & safety issues on site.

Quality Assurance and Control (QA/QC)

Monitoring & Evaluation of work on site. QA/QC is a set of measures taken to ensure that the quality of work meets the design requirements and relevant standards and regulations.

Tenant Coordination

A vital link between design, construction, leasing, property management & final users - tenants.

Reports & Analyses

Various forms of reporting to the Client.

Technical Acceptance Services

After completion of execution it is necessary to technically accept the works, with the purpose of obtaining the Occupancy permit .